Company: Alliance Agrotech Sdn Bhd

Location: Malaysia

Position Summary:

• Full-time
• 2 years experience
• Career Level: Junior Executive

Essential Functions

• Check drones before a flight to ensure safe and proper operation
• Analyze weather forecasts to ensure safe flights
• Document pre- and post-flight logs
• Monitor drones during flight
• Plan drone flight routes
• Navigate drones along designated paths
• Gather information or produce aerial photographs, as needed
• Perform equipment testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance

Minimum Qualifications

Education and experience
• This position requires at least SPM or higher education.

Required skills and qualifications
• Strong communication skills
• Robust problem-solving abilities
• Excellent electronic and mechanical skills
• Expertise in multitasking
• Keen attention to detail

Preferred Qualifications
• Excellent pilot skills
• At least 2 years of experience in drone videoing experience.
• Experience with multiple different types of drones
• Excellent photography skills

Working Environment and Conditions

• Company Size: 1-50
• Average Processing Time: 9 days
• Team members are passionate and believe in modern agriculture

About the Company

Alliance Agrotech Sdn Bhd, established in early 2021, by founders who has more than 15 years of agricultural and modern farming experience, together with team members who are passionate and believed in modern agriculture technology.

In March 2021, Alliance Agrotech was appointed by XAG China as the Malaysia distributor to promote XAG agricultural UAV drones and other autonomous farming machinery. And, starting in early 2022, Alliance Agrotech works closely with EAVision to handle mutual clients in Malaysia.



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