Garuda Aerospace Pvt Ltd, a drone startup based in Chennai, said on June 22 that it has partnered with HiiLSE Global Sdn Bhd (HiiLSE Drones), a drone manufacturer based in Malaysia, to establish a 2.42 hectare drone factory there with an investment of about RM64 million.

According to Agnishwar Jayaprakash, founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace, “5G-integrated drones will offer connectivity like never before, and Garuda is committed to developing an asset-light strategy to provide such connectivity in remote areas. The “Kisan Drone Yatra,” a project by Garuda Aerospace that sent 100 drones to various sites around the nation to spray pesticides on crops, was introduced by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in February of this year. “Our Kisan drones would essentially transform into supercomputers in villages once 5G is implemented, Jayaprakash claimed, and rural India will finally have equal possibilities with regard to connection.”

Garuda Aerospace makes 30 different kinds of drones and provides more than 50 different services, including precision agriculture spraying, industry 4.0 upgrade services, structural damage inspection, warehouse management, seed dropping, solar panel cleaning, project monitoring, drone delivery of medications for hospitals, and drone delivery of packages for food.

Funding and financing is a major challenge that India needs to overcome and we need to catch up in terms of strengthening our supply chain with respect to drone manufacturing, Jayaprakash said, adding that Garuda Aerospace is planning to acquire a stake in “many Indian drone startups in the next three months”.

He said that Garuda Aerospace was solidly on track to become India’s first drone unicorn startup.

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