Drones are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry, as they can provide various benefits such as site monitoring, progress tracking, quality control, safety inspection, and data collection. Drones can also be integrated with other technologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to create digital twins of construction projects. Digital twins are virtual representations of physical assets that can be used for simulation, analysis, and optimization throughout the project lifecycle.

Some examples of how drones can be used to improve BIM and digital twins in construction management are:

– In a case study of a large building project in China, drones were used to capture high-resolution images of the site and generate 3D models that were integrated with BIM data. The digital twin solution helped to solve technological and coordination problems, develop innovative digital management concepts, and achieve full lifecycle BIM application for the civil aviation industry .

– In another case study of a construction monitoring project in the US, drones were used to collect aerial imagery of the site and create orthomosaics that were georeferenced and overlaid with BIM data. The orthomosaics were used for better site communication and collaboration, as well as for comparing point clouds and models to detect deviations and errors .

– In a third case study of a construction project in Dubai, drones were used to collect real-time data of the site and update the digital twin model. The digital twin model was then used for various purposes such as design validation, clash detection, schedule analysis, risk assessment, and stakeholder engagement .

These case studies show that drones can enhance the value of BIM and digital twins in construction management by providing accurate, timely, and comprehensive data that can improve decision making, coordination, and performance. Drones can also reduce costs, risks, and delays associated with traditional methods of data collection and analysis. Therefore, drones are a powerful tool for creating and maintaining digital twins of construction projects.

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