Location: Malaysia

Position Summary:

• Full time Job
• Education support
• Company trips
• Medical Insurance

Essential Functions

• Operate Drone in a safe and efficient manner at all times
• Assist in maintenance on communications equipment, power sources, light/heavy wheeled vehicles and Drone operations.
• Perform preflight, in flight and postflight checks and procedures.
• Schedule sales appointments and promote products/services to new and existing customers.
• Maintain positive business and customer relationships
• Solicit and provide demonstrations to new customers whose crops are well-suited for drone spraying
• Participate in the testing of agricultural drone sprayer systems and sprayer tendering equipment
• Communicate technical and agronomic constraints and opportunities within the product team.
• Build, fly, and maintain drones and their components.
• Reworks, replaces, realigns, and adjusts parts and assemblies according to specifications.
• Document and complete pre/post Drone logs.

Minimum Qualifications

• Minimum Qualification – Diploma/Certificates in any Aviation related field.
• Strong understanding of agronomy and crop care practices.
• Experience as a maintenance test pilot, experimental test pilot,
• standardization pilot or similar and/or experience as a drone pilot involved in new product development.
• Knowledge of and enthusiasm about the drone industry and technology in general.
• Ability to travel to meeting locations or customer farms
• Strong time management skills with the ability to set priorities

Working Environment and Conditions

• Company size: 1-50
• Work Independent

About the Company

Advansia Sdn Bhd is a fast growing agro-based company located at Pulau Indah, Port Klang, Selangor. We specialize in agrochemicals, seeds and other agro based businesses. We are looking for candidate, preferably with working experience and who are able to work independently, to join our team in the following position.



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