Company: H3 Dynamics

Location: Singapore

Position Summary:

• Full time
• $3,000 – $4,000 per month

Essential Functions

• Drone piloting and testing at multiple sites around Singapore
• Apply and submit to CAAS paperwork for activity permit applications and operator modifications (such as adding new drones to our fleet).
• Ensure compliance with all operational safety and regulatory requirements during operations.
• Keeping detailed records of testing sessions including written notes, videos, and electronic
flight logs
• Maintaining an airworthy fleet of drones which includes regular maintenance of drones, propellors, batteries and firmware.
• Building, repairing, and modifying drones when necessary
• Managing onsite flight operations with end customers, delivery team, and drone
operations vendor
• Scheduling flight demos, and keeping track of drone operations jobs on a weekly and
monthly basis
• Ensuring high-quality data is captured during flight operations
• Enforcing good drone flight practices for demos and customer delivery projects
• Performing an initial quality check of data capture before handoff to delivery.

Minimum Qualifications

• Current Unmanned Aircraft Pilots license (UAPL) holders {up to 25Kg multi-rotor}
• Diploma in any technical discipline is preferred (those without but with industry
certifications may be considered)
• 500 hours of commercial flying experience preferred
• Prior experience with custom UAV build will be an added advantage
• Experience in building inspections is a plus point
• 1 to 2 years of experience in planning, directing and manning aerial drone
• Photography and videography operations
• Familiar with regulatory and compliance regime in building/construction an
• Those without experience but has performed at least 3 different types of drone
operations may be considered.
• Able to operate in cloud or hybrid environments
• Experience in technology and service industry an advantage
• Good command of English
• Able to operate independently and being resourceful
• Possess good work ethics and enjoy working with people
• With or without experience, theory and live tests of drone operations would be
conducted to determine suitability.

Working Environment and Conditions

Location: Ayer Raja New Town

About the Company

H3 Dynamics is the world leader in hydrogen-electric propulsion with a mission to decarbonise air mobility. With certifications and regulations in mind, the company is implementing a sustainable 3-phase go to market roadmap, starting with small unmanned aircraft and related digital services , moving next to slightly larger unmanned hydrogen aerial cargo, and ultimately full scale passenger flight. The company is scaling its first phase globally, with a first focus on a high volume / high value business case targeting high rise safety inspections in mega-cities (with a geographic starting point in Singapore). With current and projected revenues generated, H3 intends to prove a path to profiit with its first phase, R&D of hydrogen-electric propulsion systems called the Aeropak with a range of 400-900km. Their team in France is preparing for its first in-flight Q1 2022 to demonstrate its propulsion systems.

GET MORE INFORMATION AT contact@h3dynamics.com


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