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A2Z Drone Delivery, a provider of commercial drone delivery solutions, just introduced the RDSX Pelican delivery drone.

The RDSX Pelican has a hybrid VTOL structure without control surfaces that combines the multirotor platform’s stability with a fixed-wing aircraft’s great range. The new drone made its  debut at AUVSI XPONENTIAL in Denver, Colorado this month.

The Pelican may be modified for a variety of missions and comes in a number of model variations. The Pelican can carry out deliveries from a height, up to 3,500 meters (the max delivery altitude to deposit payloads with the tether is 30 meters) while keeping its propellers away from people and property thanks to the A2Z Drone Delivery drone winch. It may also be set up with a straightforward servo-release mechanism to allow payloads to be released and increase the drone’s payload capacity. Drone visualisation, drone assessment, woodland services, rescue missions, water sample collection, offshore delivery, and mining are just a few of the applications that may be further customised with it.

The founder and CEO of A2Z Drone Delivery, Aaron Zhang, stated that the company’s development efforts go beyond speed optimisation to include the creation of practical solutions that facilitate work. “A fleet of short, medium, and long-range UAV platforms capable of dumping payloads in a variety of situations will be necessary for a full-service drone delivery ecosystem. The new RDSX Pelican is the last-mile fleet’s extremely effective, long-range delivery platform. Maximum payload flexibility is provided while minimising possible sites of failure and lowering the total cost-per-kilometer of logistical operations.”

The Pelican has been enhanced with the A2Z Drone Delivery RDS2 drone winch and boasts a 45 knot cruising speed, a maximum payload capacity of up to 7-8 kg, a maximum range of 50 km without a payload and 40 km with one, a maximum takeoff weight of 55 kg., and an operating cost of 13 cents per kilogramme per kilometre. The Pelican can handle any shape cargo with dimensions up to 400 x 300 x 300mm and doesn’t need specific shipping packaging. It can gather goods up to 5 kg while lingering at a safe height and dump payloads up to a box without a human receiver thanks to its payload auto-release feature.

The RDSX Pelican is available in a variety of model variations starting at $29,000 USD that are suitable to various application scenarios. Additionally, A2Z Drone Delivery offers complete drone customization for uses that are more specialised. The RDSX Pelican with Winch, RDSX Pelican Payloads, and Custom RDSX Pelican are the possible versions. First-come, first-served pre-orders are already being accepted by the business, with beginning deliveries planned for June 2023.

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