Company: Meraque Services Sdn Bhd

Location: Malaysia

Position Summary:

Full time Job

Essential Functions

• Responsible for researching, planning, and implementing new programs and protocols into the company’s company or organization and overseeing the development of new products related to drones.
• Responsible for system development, integrity and reliability of the entire system specification, justification, system development, design, installation, manufacturing, delivery, testing, commissioning, troubleshooting and overhaul.
• Monitor all costs associated with the creation of new products and innovation of existing products.
• Responsibilities in engineering, management, administrative tasks such as recommendations, cost estimates, scheduling and supervision of employees
• Participate in the development of functions based on multi-sensor smelting such as cameras/IMU, environmental perception, mapping and positioning, and state estimation.
• Responsible for the construction of data sets, algorithmic design, performance of functions, optimization and performance implementation, etc. to achieve systems related to high accuracy, high reliability, and mass production.

Minimum Qualifications

• A degree in Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications is required.
• A minimum of 5 years of experience in operations under flight management is required.
• Excellent programming skills, familiar with C++ and python are a must.
• Skilled or expert in Drone / UAV RF Communication Systems.
• Handle various types of RF, Electronic Testing Equipment and related tools.
• Skills Strong research and development management skills
• ISO knowledge is an additional advantage
• Experienced in Robotic OS and gazebo simulation.
• Fundamental Strong foundation on theory and trajectory planning algorithms

Experienced in pattern recognition, image processing, computer vision, point cloud processing, a combination of multi-sensor data and other related fields, with one or more of the following capabilities:
i. Laser point cloud preprocessing, target detection, tracking, scene understanding and
ii. The geometric algorithm of various picture views, estimates and depth calibration stereo binocular.

About the Company

Meraque is the collective strength of long standing talents in the FM Industry, coming together to push the boundaries of the industry to greater heights. The heart of our vision is to deliver positively transformational solution through the adoption of technology and adherence to sustainable practices.



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