As the spread of coronavirus slows in China, the country has seen an orderly resumption of work to reboot its economy.

The Chinese agriculture technology company XAG is one of the first companies obtaining work resumption approval from government.

It restarted business in its Guangzhou headquarters on February 10, with an overall 90% work resumption rate of its R&D staff on the first day.

To fulfil the large purchasing orders of agricultural drones for the farming season, XAG has also set up a 20-million-yuan relief fund for its supply chain partners who struggle to reopen their factories.

Commenting on the move, Tang Xiaomin, vice president of XAG, said: “The supply chain of drone manufacturing is a complex system that involves a broad range of industries. XAG’s suppliers are mostly small-to-medium sized manufacturing enterprises.”

Adding: “Many of their machine and equipment are financed through bank loans, and obviously it is much more difficult to apply for another loan at this stage. Without enough cashflow, they would not be able to restart operations, let alone returning to full output capacity.”



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