aeca solutionsMontpellier, France and Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia – October 12th, 2021 – YellowScan, a global leader and designer of next generation manned and unmanned LiDAR solutions, announces an addition to its global distribution network, AECA Solutions. Known as a proficient Aerial Solutions Service Provider in Malaysia with access to neighboring markets like Brunei, Thailand and Cambodia, AECA Solutions chooses to use only exceptional UAVs with superior sensors and robust software to produce survey-grade results. AECA Solutions is building its presence in the rapidly evolving sphere of Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS) involving field surveying, data capture and analytics. AECA Solutions has worked with various clientele including companies and government agencies across numerous industries such as Surveying & Mapping, Agriculture, Construction, Infrastructure and Utilities.

“AECA Solutions is one of the pioneers in Malaysia offering aerial solutions services using drones since 2011. In 2019, we shifted our strategy by turning our business into a hub where superior brands are distributed and grown around Southeast Asia. We started with Quantum-Systems’ eVTOL drone as our main anchor followed by Micasense and now, YellowScan. Our clients deserve only the best in the market,” expressed Tengku Erina Nasrudin, CEO, AECA Solutions.

“We have invested a substantial amount in ground and LiDAR equipment, have delivered several units of YellowScan Qube 240 to our clients who continue to be impressed with the results and we are also very pleased with the interest we are receiving for our LiDAR services; all during the first 9 months of our LiDAR strategy execution. We are very confident that with this new collaboration between AECA and YellowScan, supported by the strong demand from the local market as well as our proven capabilities, we expect this good traction to multiply at least threefold within the next 18 months,” affirmed Khairul Ariffin Mohd Aris, COO, AECA Solutions.

“One of the reasons we selected AECA Solutions is they already have a good domain knowledge in the UAV LiDAR Technology. I know our existing and new customers in Malaysia will be well taken care of by AECA Solutions’ team. They are very enthusiastic to work with YellowScan and we wish them a great success in the Malaysian market,” commented Teresa Hong, Business Development Manager Asia-Pacific, YellowScan.

Founded in 2012, YellowScan has customers around the world, and its products are used in surveying, forestry, environmental research, archaeology, industrial inspection, civil engineering, and mining sectors. Our innovative LiDAR solutions are complete hardware and software platforms, easy to use data collection tools combined with an unparalleled level of training and support from our experts.

About AECA Solutions
Steadily expanding and crossing borders to provide need-based UAV solutions, this Malaysian company is redesigning its local drone industry by making drone technology accessible and affordable to all industries nationwide. Prioritising quality and integrity, AECA’s team has been a key driver of UAV services in Precision Agriculture and Survey-Grade Aerial Mapping.
For more information about AECA Solutions please visit https://aeca-solutions.com/

About YellowScan
At YellowScan we design, develop, and build our UAV LiDAR solutions to exceed the expectations of professionals that require performance, robustness, and accuracy. Our complete hardware and software solutions are easy to use data collection tools coming with an unparalleled level of training and support from our experts. Founded in 2012, YellowScan has customers around the world, and its products are used in surveying, forestry, environmental research, archaeology, industrial inspection, civil engineering, and mining sectors. Based in the South of France, we have sales and support offices around the globe.


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