The Heisha D80 is a drone agnostic, industrial drone-in-a-box solution – designed to turn commercial, off the shelf drones into fully automated tools.

Heisha specializes in drone charging solutions, drone agnostic products that enable fully automated drone solutions like perimeter security and surveillance of remote sites.  

The new D80 has the new A100 temperature sensing and control system, fire detection and protection functions, and an air duct design to maintain internal temperatures.  The Q100 diagnostics tool allows remote operators to maintain drone operations: fixing error messages from “drone offline” to “A/C not strong enough,” and enabling a remote Reset of the station.

Drone Agnostic, Compatible with Multiple Models

Heisha D80 is able to work with multiple off the shelf drone models.  The model is compatible with DJI Mavic and Phantom series, Autel, Parrot, and Skydio drones and the charging station can be used by different models at the same time, allowing customers to deploy the right drone model for the job or to upgrade and change out their fleet without the need to change the station.

As remote drone operations become more prevalent, and remote security and surveillance applications become more available to industrial customers, Heisha’s newest climate controlled, secure battery charging solution offers the flexibilty and reliability that enterprise customers need.


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